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Chemical Name: Al2O3 Based Sulfur Recovery Catalyst
Synonyms: Al2O3 catalyst
CAS No.:65765-54-5
H.S. CODE: 38151100

It is a kind of catalyst with special additives for sulfur recovery. It is a white, spherical porous material with the property of non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and ethanol.
It can be uesd for sulfur recovery in petrochemical, coal chemical industry, also suitable for sulfur recovery of catalytic oxidization process e.g. Clinsuef, etc.
ItemUnitTechnical specification
Particle sizemm1-33-54-65-8
Loss on ignition%≤8.0≤8.0≤8.0≤8.0
Bulk densityg/ml0.68-0.750.68-0.750.68-0.750.68-0.75
Surface area㎡/g≥300≥300≥300≥300
Pore volumeml/g≥0.40≥0.40≥0.40≥0.40
Static adsorption capacity%≥18≥18≥18≥18
Water absorption%≥50≥50≥50≥50
Crushing strengthN/particle≥60≥130≥160≥200
25kg woven bag/25kg paper board drum/200L iron drum or per customer’s request.
1).Why choose you?
Technical Advantages
1.Devoted to activated carbon and filter material R&D and manufacture since 2010;
2.Powerful R&D technical strength;
3.Owns proprietary intellectual property rights;
4.Possessing sophisticated manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment;
5.We provide perfect solution when customer needs
Product advantages
1. Providing full range of activated alumina and filter material products;
2. Supreme Quality;
3. Cost-effective;
4. Reliable material;
2).Can I get sample?
Sure. We can send the samples for free, but customer should pay for the freight cost.
3).Payment term
4).Delivery time
Two weeks after payment
5).Enterprise advantages
1. China’s leading supplier in activated alumina industry with top reputation and larger market share;
2. Providing its customers with quick quotes,good quality products, competitive prices and fast deliveries;
3. Providing reliable sales and service;
4. Production operation and process is certified;
5. Having a vast inventory;
6. Cooperation with hundreds of professional partners to provide world-class products.China Sulfur Recovery Catalyst suppliers

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