China Auto running/stop escalator suppliers

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Our History
Zhenjiang Boral Machinery and Equipment Co Ltd was established by shareholders with long term technical experience in elevator, escalator and oil and energy equipment field both in China domestic and international market.
We offer our clients solutions for both complete elevator and escalator package. We develop our lift and escalator with latest technology in the world. Our R & D department keeps the same pace with the world technology development of elevator and escalator. Our production factory in China passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and produce elevator and escalator strictly complying with latest version of EN81 & GB standard. We are closely cooperating with our production factory and offer our clients high quality and reliable elevator and escalator under ISO quality control system. Apart from our high standards of quality assurance, we continue to provide our trademark excellent service, before and after sales for our elevator and escalator.
Furthermore, we also have our full set lift modernization solution for our agent in the world.  
The satisfaction of our client is our permanent target. We would like to establish long-term relations with all our agents in the world on win-win base.
Our Product
Complete elevator package, complete escalator/moving walk, modernization solutions
Product Application
Office, shopping center, hospital, hotel, residence, transportation
Production Equipment
Production Market
Our Service
Service is one of the most important factor of our enterprise culture. It is an image window for us. The serving quality is a procedure of a long-term integration and innovation. It has been established on the in-depth knowledge to the customers and the full consideration of the value. ISUZU established a complete standard serving system in the world.
It explains the product properties, features and use ranges in detail in order to let the customer know the products, service and advantages of ISUZU elevator to the greatest extent.
ISUZU considers more for you as far as possible during the transaction process. What is more, all has been done under the impartial principle.
ISUZU implements the perfect after-sale service and life-long repair & maintenance to every lift which has been sold to the customers. This is our solemn guarantee to you that we resolve the actual difficulties for the customers by providing prompt and efficient service.China Auto running/stop escalator suppliers

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