Pig Launcher And Receiver Valve Neway

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About us
ITI Flow Control Ltd, one China based distributor and manufacturer of high quality valves and engineering services for the global Marine, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, and Power industries. We represent China top brand manufacturers of world-class shell valves, norsok valve, special alloy valves, API6D valves etc. We have extensive experiences in servicing EPC's managers, end users and resellers worldwide.
Our careful selection of market leading, innovative products and reputable suppliers has earned us enormous respect and admiration within offshore & shipbuilding and petrochemical industry.
ITI Flow Control Ltd is project supply and management experts. We specialize in emergency supply and the fast track supply of China premium brands. Our employees have extensive experience in local and international projects for the energy, mining and process sectors.
We fully understanding customer's worries and driven by customer satisfaction, we only supply high quality products from top manufacturers which approved by end users, all our products and services are to the highest possible standards and are third-party certified to meet international standards. We know that success is a process made possible by a close working alliance between developer and user. We do everything possible to ensure that our customers always have access to the ideal product and competitive price.
Our Factory
ITI Flow Control Ltd is committed to exceeding customer requirements by understanding all customers, industry specification and supply resources, and consistently delivering conforming product and services to all our customers at a reasonable price.
In order to meet the customer's requirements of repair & replacement & assembly, ITI Flow Control Co., Ltd. established its own factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, covers an area of more than 1300 square meters. A fully equipped repair center and stock center are located there. Nearly one-third of the total area is the maintenance inspection center. It includes independent execution areas such as receiving area, repair area, cleaning area and test area, which can meet the maintenance and replacement needs of most customers.
Besides, a specific central storage warehouse was built here, too, including sample display area, general valves storage area, exporting valves storage area, and customer-specific storage area. Committed to the centralized delivery of conventional models of valve products, to greatly shorten the delivery date, to meet the special requirements for delivery, for better support the different needs of customers.Pig Launcher And Receiver Valve Neway

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