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Product description:
1. Selecting the high-quality cold steeling rolling plate,40×80 steel pipe, solid and reliable.
2. Compatible and adjustable angels, applicable in the most types of projecting cameras.
3. Pipe line, beautiful and generous.
4. Surface processed with acid washing and phosphating, static power coating.
5. Inner and outer tubes adopt plastic lining ring to avoid surface damage.
Product nameShort-throw projector wall mounts
Running distance150cm
Loading capacity25kg
ColorWhite, Black
MaterialIron alloy
Packing and delivery:
Short-throw Projector bracket is packed in strong carton box.
Sample will be sent by DHL or TNT express and bigger quantity will be sent by sea.
The Projector bracket is widely used in multi-functional conference rooms, multi-purpose hall, international conference center, training center, academic Hall, classrooms and electricity in the field of intelligent home.
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Why choose us ?
1. More than 30 years experience.
2. Export to more than 100 countries.
3. Fastest delivery speed and strong package.
4. Rich production experience and perfect service.Short-focus Projector Bracket manufacturers

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